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Final Report of the Director-General's Consultation of the National Commissions for UNESCO of the Europe and North America Region on the Preparation of the Draft Programme and Budget for 2006-2007 (33 C/5)
While some participants were of the view that the unifying theme and the strategic objectives and sub-objectives of document 31 C/4 had been adequately reflected in 31 C/5 and 32 C/5, several others considered that more should be done to enhance the linkage between 31 C/4 and 33 C/5. In that context it was suggested that the C/4 and C/5 documents could be combined into a single document with a view to (i) offering a clear medium-term perspective for each biennial programme and (ii) allowing a better integration between the expected outcomes in the C/4 document and the expected results contained in related C/5 documents. Considering that the 31 C/4 was conceived as a “rolling” medium-term strategy, such a combined strategy and programme document was also seen to facilitate a more dynamic adaptation to changing circumstances.

Participants unanimously agreed, that in order to ascertain the linkage between strategy and programme, expected results should be carefully evaluated to assess whether the programme has achieved the objectives of the Medium-Term Strategy. Overall, there was general agreement that UNESCO should focus, in future planning, on practicing management by objective, setting a limited number of goals and having clearly articulated and measurable outcomes.

Type de document Report
Fichier 33 C5 European Regional Consultation Zurich English 230604.doc
Format application/msword
UNESDOC Link Cliquer ici pour télécharger (PDF)
Auteur(s) UNESCO
Éditeur UNESCO
Lieu de publication Zurich, Switzerland
Date de publication 2004
Nombre de pages 16 p.
Responsable(s) de la publication BSP
Regional Consultations National Commissions





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