36th United Nations Inter-Agency Games


VTT.jpgMOUNTAIN BIKE - Rules (36th United Nations Inter-Agency Games)

The competition is covered by the General Rules of the Games. The competitors are subject to the rules of the road as well as to the orders given by the Commissioners of the course, their decisions being irrevocable and without appeal. Each Organisation may have several teams.

  1. The teams are made up of 4 members; either 4 men, 4 women or mixed.

  2. The host Organisation will provide the services of a Course Director and all other necessary officials.

  3. The mountain-bike event consists of two competitions:

    • one endurance

    • one cross-country

  4. The endurance event is an individual relay race lasting 3 hours. Only three cyclists from each team can take part. The team having completed the greatest number of laps of the circuit at the end of the three hours will be declared the winner.

  5. The cross-country is an individual event over a distance of 30 to 50 km depending of the level of the circuit. Upon completion, by the first cyclist, of the number of laps required, the Course Director will stop each competitor and the ranking will be established according to the number of laps completed and the order of arrival at the finishing line.

  6. The events will take place over a course in a pleasant location with some scrambling and technical sections. The flat parts will be kept to a minimum and distances where the bikes are carried by the cyclists will be limited. The cross-country course will be a circuit of 7 to 15 km. It is advisable to run the endurance event over a course of 3 to 5 km.

  7. The "signaling" on the course shall be clear and all dangerous areas shall be marked and barred of. A security service and signaling officials are obligatory throughout the course.

  8. Each team must use their own equipment. A mountain bike is a bicycle fitted with a flat or partially raised handlebar, the length of which must be less than 62 cm and with the ends sealed. All cables on the bicycle must be protected. The wheels used must not exceed 26 inches. Any mountain bike which is considered a danger for its cyclist or for a third person will be forbidden. The Organizing Committee accepts no responsibility for any accidents, theft or damage.

  9. A helmet is obligatory.

    A wheel change is authorized.

    The change of bike is forbidden, except between competitors.

  10. Points will be awarded as follows :

    • In the endurance course, the winning team will be awarded 12 points; the 2nd team, 10 points; the 3rd, 8 points; the 4th, 7 points; the 5th, 6 points; etc.

    • In the cross-country course, the first three places of each team will be added together and the team with the lowest total score will be declared the winner. The teams will receive points in the same way as explained above. In the event of a tie, the team having gained the best place will be rated in first position.

  11. The winning team of the mountain-bike event is the team with the most points. In the case of a tie, the team with the highest score in the cross-country event will be declared the winner.

  12. The Course Director will communicate the results in writing (duly certified by the team captains) to the Control Commission after each event.

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