36th United Nations Inter-Agency Games


Golf.jpgGOLF - Rules (36th Edition United Nations Interagency Games)

The golf tournament will be governed by the General Rules of the Games and by the Rules of the Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrew and the local rules of the golf course where the competition will be played.

  1. Each Organization may enter up to two teams of not more than six players (men/women), one of whom shall act as captain for the two teams.

  2. The host Organization shall provide a qualified tournament director to check the handicap cards as well as to keep the official records. The directors decision shall be final.

  3. The tournament will be conducted (i) on the first day on a 18 holes STROKE PLAY and (ii) on the 2nd and 3rd days on a STABLEFORD competition. The score of STABLEFORD will be deducted from the score STROKEPLAY.

  4. Only certified handicaps not exceeding 24 for MEN and 26 for LADIES shall be taken into account. Certified handicaps shall be dated not more than two months from the date of the competition.

  5. The team score for the tournament will be the sum of the best four individual scores from each round.

  6. In case of a tie between two or more teams, or two or more players, the ranking will be based on the results of the 18 holes of the second day. In the event of further ties, the teams or players concerned will be ranked according to the results obtained at the 18th hole of the last round, the 17th hole, and so on. If it is still not possible to reach a final result, this will be determined by drawing of lots.

  7. Team prizes shall be awarded to the team ranking first, second and third as well as a 1st "BRUT" and a 1st "NET GENERAL".

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