36th United Nations Inter-Agency Games


Bridge.jpgBRIDGE - Rules (36th United Nations InterAgency Games)

The competition shall be held in accordance with the General Rules of the Games and the rules of the International Bridge League (IBL).

    1. Each team shall consist of four to six players, one of whom shall act as captain.

    2. The host organization shall provide the services of a qualified tournament director, whose decisions shall be final.

    3. The host organization shall provide all the necessary materials and draw up the schedule of matches in accordance with paragraph 10 of the General Rules of the Games.

    4. Each team shall play against all other teams.

    5. The number of rounds shall depend on the number of participating teams: 9 or 10 teams - 9 rounds;11 or 12 teams - 11 rounds.

    6. A match shall consist of 12 boards and shall be played in two halves. An average of seven minutes shall be allowed per board and ten minutes for the calculation of IMPs.

    7. The tournament director shall communicate the result of the encounters to the Control Commission in writing, duly signed by the team captains.

    8. At the end of the competition, the teams shall be ranked according to their aggregate victory points. In case two or more teams obtain the same number of victory points, their respective rankings shall be determined according to their accumulated IMPs.

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Contact: UNESCO Committee IAG 2008

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