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UNESCO Implementing Mauritius Strategy


 1.  Climate change
 2.  Natural disasters
 3.  Waste Management
 4.  Coastal & marine resources
 5.  Freshwater resources
 6.  Land resources
 7.  Energy resources
 8.  Tourism resources
 9.  Biodiversity resources
10. Transport & communication
11. Science & technology
12. Graduation from LDC status
13. Trade
14. Capacity building & ESD
15. Production & consumption
16. Enabling environments
17. Health
18. Knowledge management
19. Culture
20. Implementation
UNESCO at Mauritius '05
Contributions & events
From Barbados'94 to Mauritius'05
UNESCO involvement
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Freshwater lens


An idealized cross-section through a typical limestone or coral island, showing the main features of a freshwater lens. In most cases, the thickest part of the freshwater lens is not in the centre as shown, but is displaced towards the lagoon side. This is due to the lower permeability sediments on the lagoon side slowing down the mixing of the freshwater and sea-water, thus enabling a thicker freshwater zone to develop. The graphic features in ‘Small Tropical Islands: Water Resources of Paradise Lost’, one of a series of illustrated non-technical IHP reports on water-related issues of the humid tropics and other warm humid regions.





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