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Evaluation of UNESCO's Strategic Programme Objectives 12 and 13
UNESCO hereby invites qualified bidders to submit sealed tenders for consulting services to carry out the Evaluation of UNESCO's Strategic Programme Objectives 12 and 13: “Enhancing universal access to information and knowledge” and “Fostering pluralistic free and independent media and infostructures”.

Please find attached the Advertisement for the International Open Competition (IOC) which includes instructions on how to obtain a copy of the Solicitation Documents. (Composed of the instructions to bidders, the general conditions of UNESCO contracts for professional services, the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the evaluation, a proposal submission form and the price schedule.)

The deadline for the proposal submission is 11 September 2009, 17h00 (GMT+1).

For any requests for clarifications, please contact Clinton Watson by email at c.watson@unesco.org or by fax: + 33 1 456 85641.

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