Ussher Fort: Restoration of the bastion and former police station

Ussher Fort: Restoration of the bastion and former police station

In Ghana, with support from the European Commission, UNESCO restores and converts this site into a functional and sustainable museum

Ussher Fort is one of three European forts in Accra which have survived the times. It was built as Fort Crêvecoeur by the Dutch in 1649.

The project Restoration of the bastion and former police station into a museum in forts and castles is the following phase of the conservation plan of Ussher Fort.

The first phase consisted of creating an International Documentation Centre in Ussher Fort.

The overall objective is to reduce the extreme level of poverty in this urban community through the implementation of a sustainable and integrated urban regeneration programme that make use of the cultural and historical assets and resources present in the area.

It is also a project aiming at preserving the invaluable tangible cultural heritage of Old Accra. It represents a pilot project to foster at its maximum the income generating potential of cultural tourism and local development.

The project’s purpose:

  • To stimulate the restoration and rehabilitation of Ussher Fort, a world Heritage Site
  • To create direct and indirect job opportunities in the area
  • To raise awareness and educate on the preservation of cultural heritage and foster culture and identity mainly among young people
  • To create a community-based stream of income linked with the valorisation of cultural assets, goods and services including local tour guides, small scale business and cultural enterprises
  • To demonstrate to decision makers, community leaders, craftsmen and women and other stakeholders the opportunities given by cultural heritage to enhance innovative cultural policies for sustainable development.

  • The result will be the complete restoration of the Bastion of the Fort and its conversion into a functional and sustainable museum on the Forts and Castles of Ghana, with the establishment of supporting facilities (shop, walkway-belvedere and square) including adequate space for small business and cultural enterprises initiatives.

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