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Para fomentar el debate democrático  
03-03-2002 11:00 pm Paris - The L’ORÉAL Women in Science Awards, created in 1999 with UNESCO’s support, will be presented on Wednesday, March 6 (6.30 p.m. Room 1) at the Organization’s Headquarters by UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura and Lindsay Owen-Jones, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L’ORÉAL.
The five winners for 2002 (one from each continent), were selected last December by a jury presided over by Christian de Duve, 1974 Nobel Prize for Medicine, and comprising 15 eminent scientists, including six former Women in Science laureates. More than800 scientists of international renown proposed candidates for this year’s awards and the jury retained 100 dossiers for examination.

During the March 6 ceremony, which will be presented by French media personality Christine Ockrent, the L’OREAL Tribute to a Life of Achievement will also be awarded to a woman the jury considers as one of the greatest scientists of our time.

As in previous years, ten young women scientists will also receive Fellowships worth US $10,000 each, to help them to continue their scientific careers.

The L’ORÉAL awards, which carry a purse of US $20,000 each, are part of the UNESCO programme “For Women in Science”, established in partnership with L’ORÉAL for a period of five years.

UNESCO’s struggle against thediscrimination of women in education is not limited to basic education. Under the title, Women, Science and Technology, the Organization has set up a series of UNESCO Chairs and regional networks linking more than 50 universities to research and trainingprojects, and has promoted the role of women in the sciences. UNESCO focuses on improving the quality of scientific teaching and raising the awareness of girls about science. A joint UNESCO/L’ORÉAL project on the promotion of science education for girls is in preparation.

To interview the winners, contact UNESCO’s Bureau of Public Information: Tel: 01 45 68 17 48 (press), or 01 45 68 17 38 (audiovisual media)

tel: 01 47 23 90 48
fax: 01 47 23 88 98

UNESCO Press Service
Tel: 01 45 68 17 48
Fax: 01 45 68 56 52

Fuente Media Advisory No.2002-04


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