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Para fomentar el debate democrático  
08-09-2005 5:40 pm In recent years cultural and creative industries have become one of the fastest growing sectors but many developing countries are failing to reap the benefits they offer because they lack the resources and capacity needed to support their development.
UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity is organizing an international conference, “Partnerships on the Move,” in Paris on 12 September that will bring together leading international specialists to share their practical experiences of how to promote cultural industries in developing countries on the basis of concrete on-going examples.

Recent advances in information technology and the internet have made it easier to produce, distribute and consume cultural products such as books, films, music, crafts and multimedia, than ever before.

Developing countries often lack the ability to support creators and artists to turn their talent into sustainable livelihoods despite their rich creativity and cultural heritage. They are also therefore unable to communicate and promote their cultural values and identities internationally through their cultural goods and services, with serious consequences for cultural diversity.

The Global Alliance conference will address these issues and explore ways of promoting partnerships and cooperation between developed and developing countries that will allow them to develop dynamic cultural industries.

On September 13, the Global Alliance will also host the “Creative Cities Workshop” attended by local government officials from around the world with proven success in harnessing the creative energy of cities to create jobs, boost development and promote culture as an economic and social asset.

The Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity is a UNESCO project that brings together government bodies, companies, NGOs creators and artists from both developing and industrialized countries and encourages them to develop public-private partnership projects to develop creative industries in developing countries. It also promotes respect for intellectual property and copyright, without which creators and artists cannot protect their work.

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