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The Director-General pays his first official visit to San Marino

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09-06-2005 - On 2 and 3 June 2005, the Director-General, Koïchiro Matsuura, paid his first official visit to San Marino, the oldest surviving Republic in Europe.

During his visit, the Director-General was received by Mrs Fausta Morganti and Mr Cesare Antonio Gasperoni, Captains Regent, at the Government Building and gave a speech on UNESCO’s role in addressing some of the major challenges that the world is currently facing.

Mr Matsuura expressed his appreciation about UNESCO’s past cooperation with San Marino, highlighting the fact that UNESCO was the first organization in the UN system that the country joined in 1974. This, the Director-General said, “reflects the basic affinity between [the] country and the goals, ideals and values of UNESCO. I am confident that this affinity will continue to thrive and develop and I hope that my visit will stimulate the process” Mr Matsuura added.

The Director-General discussed ways and means of further developing UNESCO’s cooperation with San Marino with Mr Fabio Berardi, Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs, and other Government Ministers in UNESCO’s fields of competence.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, National Education and Universities, highlighted the importance San Marino attached to its cooperation with UNESCO in the field of culture, both as concerns tangible and intangible heritage, and expressed her thanks to the Director-General for UNESCO’s support for the various cultural activities organized in the country. The Director-General welcomed the authorities’ intention to ratify the 2003 intangible heritage convention.

The Minister of Culture informed Mr Matsuura of the country’s wish to submit the candidature of San Marino for inclusion on the World Heritage List. Explaining the procedure and the basic requirements for the site to be included on the World Heritage List, Mr Matsuura felt that such an inclusion would open up new horizons in the San Marino/UNESCO cooperation.

During his stay in the country, the Director-General was awarded the Decoration of the Equestrian Order of St Agatha, the highest distinction of San Marino, and visited the 2nd Tower or Cesta standing on the highest point of Mount Titano which connects the three medieval towers of San Marino.

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