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Education for All Week 2005: Send My Friend to School

Children and adult learners all over the world will converge on national parliaments next week to lobby governments to fulfil a pledge made in Dakar, Senegal, in 2000, to achieve Education for All (EFA) by 2015. They will be armed with life-size cut-out silhouettes symbolizing the world’s 104 million out-of-school children and 800 million illiterate adults.

The “Send my Friend to School” event is organized by the Global Campaign for Education and supported by UNESCO. It will be one of the highlights of Education for All Week which begins on April 25. EFA Week takes place every year on the anniversary of the Dakar Forum and serves to remind the international community to do more to provide education for all.

During this year’s celebration, for which the theme is “Send my friend to school”, education ministers and other elected representatives will be invited to visit schools and sign the cut-out figures with specific pledges to take action in 2005.

Twenty-five artists of diverse origins* have joined the campaign. Their cut-out silhouettes form the “Send my Friend to School” exhibition, which will open at UNESCO Headquarters on April 25 (6.30 p.m, in front of Room X). Senegalese sculptor Ousmane Sow, patron of the exhibition, will also attend the opening. The exhibition will be open to the public from May 2 to 19.

Following the opening, an adapted version of the film “Moi, Sanfourche”, documenting the exceptional life of French artist Jean Joseph Sanfourche, will be screened in the UNESCO cinema (7.30 p.m).

*Pepe Agost, Akeji, Névine Amin-Saleh, Ayalew Tessema, Tara Badcock, Gerard Bellaïche, Tahera Delaye, Farideh Emadzadeh, Marit Fosse, Garo, Fatèma Guemiah, Olivier Hache, Marcel Hasquin, Magali Katra, Michale Lonsdale, Tracy Mead, Valérie N’Dri-Gervais, Pedro Portugal, Raghad, Maria Pia Fanna Roncoroni, Solomon Rossine, Jean-Joseph Sanfourche, Eve Soulain, Stanislas, Wang Yan Cheng.

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