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Para fomentar el debate democrático  
17-12-2004 3:15 pm The Vietnamese government is organizing, in cooperation with UNESCO, an Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Dialogue among Cultures and Civilizations for Peace and Sustainable Development1, that will take place in Hanoi December 20 and 21.

The Conference will bring together some 200 statesmen and stateswomen, parliamentarians, scientists, researchers, educators, government representatives and representatives of civil society. It is part of UNESCO's effort to promote dialogue among civilizations, in line with the Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in November 2001.

Promoting dialogue among civilizations and cultures is one of the key elements of UNESCO's mission and activities. Now more than ever, the Organization encourages and promotes rigorous analysis of interactions between cultures – especially the ways they contribute to and borrow from each other - as a means of understanding better the long-term processes involved and to nurture tolerance.

The Hanoi Conference will focus on the relevance and potential of dialogue among civilizations in the region; education and culture as vectors for dialogue; and the role of networks in the promotion of dialogue at all levels.

The Hanoi Conference follows other meetings on dialogue that have been held in New York (in September 2000), Vilnius (April 2001), Islamabad (April 2001), Kyoto (July 2001), Paris (December 2001 and January 2003), New Delhi (July 2003), Ohrid (August 2003), Libreville (November 2003), Abuja (January 2004), Sana’a (February 2004), Issyk-Kul (June 2004) and Tirana (December 2004)2.

The UN General Assembly has declared the decade 2005-2014 the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. UNESCO is responsible for its promotion.

2) E-books of these conferences' proceedings are available in English or in French (

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