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Para fomentar el debate democrático  
06-10-2004 6:15 pm Thirty-six million people die of hunger or its consequences every year. A child dies every three seconds as a result of poverty. Contaminated water kills 10,000 people a year. The problem of poverty, a violation of human rights and dignity, needs to be re-examined.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), UNESCO is organizing four seminars and two public lectures about the links between the fight against poverty and the promotion of human rights. The events will take place at Headquarters on Monday October 18 and Tuesday October 19.

The four seminars will focus on the following subjects:

  • “Poverty is a Violation of Human Rights: dilemmas and actions for an operational content to the concept” (October 18, 10 a.m., Room XIII, Miollis Building). Chaired by Alfredo Bruto Da Costa, President of the Economic and Social Council (Portugal), the seminar will bring together panelists from several research centres in Europe, Africa and Latin America.
  • “Rights-Based Approach to Poverty Eradication: a new commitment or a pilot experiment?” (2.30 p.m., Room XIII). Chaired by Arnaldo Ventura, Special Advisor on Science and Technology (Jamaica), the seminar will present the views of several bilateral cooperating agencies.
  • “Requirements of Human Rights in the challenge of Poverty Eradication: a new response or a conditionality between Concept and Operation” (October 19, 10 a.m., Room XIII) will be chaired by United Nations Assistant Secretary General Adama Dieng (Tanzania) and include representatives from several UN agencies.
  • “UNESCO in the fight against poverty: orientations for the future.” The closing seminar (2.30 p.m., Room XIII) will be chaired by José David Lapuz, professor of international political science (Philippines), with the participation of UNESCO’s Assistant Directors-General for Education; Social and Human Sciences; Natural Sciences; Culture; and Communication and Information.

    The seminars held on October 18 will be followed by a public lecture given by philosopher Thomas Pogge, author of “World Poverty and Human Rights” (6 p.m., Room II). On October 19, after a presentation of the seminars’ reports, a lecture will be given by Professor Arjun Sengupta, independent expert for Human Rights and Extreme Poverty, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (6 p.m., Room II).

    Journalists wishing to cover these events must obtain accreditation from the Press Relations Section, tel. 01 45 68 17 48 / fax 01 45 68 56 52

    Fuente Media advisory No 2004 - 68
    Autor(es) UNESCOPRESS


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