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Final Report of the Director-General's Consultation of the National Commissions for UNESCO of the Arab Region on the Preparation of the Draft Programme and Budget for 2006-2007 (33 C/5)
The main objective of the Consultation was to provide recommendations and suggestions by the National Commissions of the Arab Region to the Executive Board and the Director-General on the preliminary proposals for the preparation of the Draft Programme and Budget for 2006-2007 (33 C/5), based on a questionnaire drafted and circulated well in advance of the meeting by the Secretariat.
There was broad agreement on the continued relevance of the five main functions of the Organization, as defined in the 31 C/4: a laboratory of ideas (the intellectual function), a standard setter (the normative function), a clearing house (the knowledge-sharing function), a capacity-builder in Member States, and a catalyst for international cooperation. Many participants strongly underlined the importance of UNESCO's ethical mandate and recommended that an ethical dimension should be part of all major programmes and that they should be pursued in an intersectoral manner. The Organization could play a key role in promoting common ethical values in areas such as education for peace, dialogue among cultures and civilizations, all scientific disciplines, environment and information and the media. Several participants also emphasized that the function of a clearing house was critical to promote the exchange of information and knowledge sharing, especially in the sciences.

Tipo de documento Report
Archivo 33_C_5_Arab_States_Regional_Consultation_Final_Report.doc
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Autor(es) UNESCO
Editorial UNESCO
Localización de la publicación Sana'a, Yemen
Fecha de Publicación 2004
Número de páginas 16 p.
Editor(es) BSP
Regional Consultations National Commissions





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