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Para fomentar el debate democrático  
04-05-2004 12:20 pm An international symposium entitled “Cultural Diversity and Globalization. The Arab-Japanese Experience: a Cross-Regional Dialogue” will be held at UNESCO (Room XII) in Paris, May 6 and 7, 2004. The event will provide an occasion for the Arab world and Japan to exchange views and enrich debate on promoting cultural diversity in a globalized world.

In the framework of UNESCO’s Arabia Plan, the symposium advances the Organization’s agenda to promote dialogue between cultures and civilizations, as recommended by the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity adopted by the General Conference in 2001.

Koïchiro Matsuura, UNESCO’s Director-General, and a number of prominent personalities from Japan and the Arab world will inaugurate the symposium, which is organized by UNESCO, the Arab Group to UNESCO and the Permanent Delegation of Japan to UNESCO, with the assistance of the Japan Foundation.

An international panel of experts will participate in three sessions with different themes: “Sharing the Experience: Modernization in Japan and the Arab World", examining the modernization process in Japan and selected Arab countries and comparing the outcomes; "Exploring the Common Goal: Sustaining Cultural Diversity", focusing on globalization issues; and "New Avenues to Promote Intercultural Dialogue", elaborating an epistemology of intercultural dialogue and methodological tools for framing cultural policies for international cooperation.

On May 7, two artists from Japan and Iraq will give a demonstration of calligraphy, an art that is an essential element of cultural heritage in both Japan and the Arab world. A final communiqué will be distributed at the end of the symposium (May 7, 4 p.m.). Publication of the Acts is scheduled for late 2004.

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