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  • Biography of Kim Phuc Phan Thi
  • Mrs Kim Phuc was born in Viet Nam

  • The photo of Kim Phuc Phan Thi, as a burned child escaping from her Vietnamese village which has been bombed with napalm (8 June 1972) has travelled across the world and has earned the photographer, Nick Ut of the Associated Press a Pulitzer Prize. The photograph showed Kim - "the girl in the picture" - a nine year old running down the road in the village if Trang Bang. It was UT who took her to hospital. Kim's skin was so badly burned by napalm that she was not expected to survive, but after 14 month in a Saigon hospital, she returned to her village to begin rebuilding her life

  • After numerous operations, she continued her studies in Cuba and there she met fellow student Bui Huy Toan. They married in 1992. She demanded political asylum for herself and her Vietnamese husband in Canada on the way back from their sons, Thomas and Stephen

  • As a believer, she wants to be the bearer of the message of forgiveness, reconciliation, and tolerance, espacially concerning the civil victims in war-stricken countries

  • In 1977, The Kim Foundation was established in Chicago and later in Canada, in Kim's name to help heal child victims of war

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