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  • Biography of Jean Michel Jarre
  • Jean Michel Jarre was born in Lyon

  • 1968: He joins GRM (Group of musical research) and studies the techniques of electro-acoustic music under Pierre Schaeffer

  • 1969: Release of La Cage, his first electro-acoustic single

  • 1970: In collaboration with AOR, Jean Michel Jarre realises the first performance of electro-acoustic music in the Paris opera house. He is the youngest musician to ever perform live in this prestigious location

  • 1971: Release of his first album, Deserted Palace. He composes the sound track for Jean Chapot's film Les granges brulles

  • 1976: Release of Oxygene which climbs to the top of the international charts. The worldwide triumph of Oxygene remains an unrivalled international success for French music

  • 1978 Equinoxe affirms his success. Jean Michel Jarre composes the music for Peter Fleischmann's film La Maladie d'Hambourg

  • 1979 An audience of 1million people watch Jean Michel Jarre perform on the Place de la Concorde on July 14th. Jean Michel Jarre composes the music for Peter Weir's film Gallipoli

  • 1981 Release of his album Chants magnetiques. Compared to his previous work, the album's mood is more earthy and trance-like. Jean Michel Jarre makes history as the first Western artist to perform in post-Maoist China, giving concerts in Beijing and Shanghai

  • 1982 Release of Les Concerts de Chine, a double album audio chronicle of his Chinese tour

  • 1982 Jean Michel Jarre actions his album Musique pour supermarches???? An album of which only a single copy is produced

  • 1984:Release of Zoolook, representing a radical break and new style. The album is voted "instrumental album of the year" in France and the United States of America

  • 1986: Jean Michel Jarre celebrates the 150th anniversary of the city of Houston (Texas) and the 25th anniversary of NASA by giving one the most spectacular concerts in musical history. One and a half million Texans listen to his new album Rendez-vous.In honour of the Papal visit of John-Paul II on Oct 5th, Jean Michel Jarre gives a concert in his native city of Lyon

  • 1987: The album Houston-Lyon, villes en concert captures the musical highlights of these 1986 concerts

  • 1988: Release of his album Revolutions, a musical encounter between the Arab world and technology, representing one of Jean Michel Jarre's most ethnic recordings to date. In October he presents Destination Docklands, two concerts given in the London docklands

  • 1989 Jarre Live, more than ever, Jean Michel Jarre's music reflects the environment in which it is performed

  • 1990 Release of En attendant Cousteau, a homage to the oceanographer Jacques Ives Cousteau. On July 14th, JMC organises the concert Paris- La Defense, une ville en concert. Two and a half million people attend the concert

  • 1991 Release of Images, a compilation album

  • 1992 Release of Chronologie Jean Michel Jarre presents Europe en concert, a series of concerts in major European cities, captivating the audience with his multimedia performance

  • 1994 Jean Michel Jarre performs in Hong Kong, resulting in the production of a double live album. He is named Officier des arts et des lettres

  • 1995 In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and the Year of Tolerance, Jean Michel Jarre performs in before an audience of over one and a half million people in front of the Eiffel Tower. He is receives the order of Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur

  • 1997 Oxygene 7-13 and the double CD Complete Oxygene are released internationally. On September 6th, Jean Michel Jarre performs in front of a record audience of 3.5 million people at the city's 850th anniversary celebrations

  • 1998 14th July: Nuit electronique: Jean Michel Jarre celebrates the French victory at the Soccer World Cup at the Eiffel Tower with 1 million people. Jean Michel Jarre becomes the spokesperson of the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry). Simultaneously he is awarded the IFPI's "Platinum Europe Award", honouring his extraordinary career

  • 1999 December 31st: Jean Michel Jarre presents Les douze reves du soleil in celebration of the night of the millennium at the great pyramids of Cairo

  • 2000 Release of Jean Michel Jarre first vocal album, Metamorphoses, featuring Laurie Anderson, Sharon Corr from the Corrs and Natacha Atlas

  • 2001 Jean Michel Jarre teams up with the science-fiction writer Sir Arthur Clarke and creates 2001 - Rendez vous dans l'espace: a musical and visual odyssey the first of which takes place in Okinawa, Japan in collaboration with the Asian star Tetsuya "TK" Komuro on January 1, 2001

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