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Faces uncovered: Photo Exhibition about Women in Kabul

Paris – The women of Kabul are returning to the streets, to schools and to the markets. Some have taken off their chadri and can at last see and be seen. Their number is large enough for one photographer to show their uncovered faces.

From February 13 to 20 at UNESCO, 30-year-old Iranian photographer, Roshanak Bahramlou, will show a series of pictures of Kabuli women in their daily activities. The exhibition, “Private Lives in Afghanistan”, shows the women riding bicycles, at the bakery, at hospital and at home with family and friends. The photographer is also a painter. She highlights some features of her black and white pictures, a mouth, embroidery on a scarf or a teapot, with bright gouache colours: re-interpreting reality.

The exhibition is organized by UNESCO and Ana, a non-governmental organization which supports the development of independent media in Afghanistan and is backed by UNESCO. Ana was founded by the Iranian photo-journalist Reza, who trained Ms Bahramlou.

She herself has already published Femmes de la cit, about women of different ethnic backgrounds in the Paris suburb of Stains, and Azerbaijan in Transition, with UNICEF. In Afghanistan, she works with the magazine Malalai, the country’s first political, social and cultural publication for women, which first appeared on February 21 last year and is edited by Jamila Muhahed.

The exhibition has given rise to a book, published by UNESCO and Ana, whose proceeds be channelled to the training of Malalai’s women journalists.

Exhibition on the 7th floor of UNESCO’s Headquarters. Opening on the 13th of February at 18h45.

Source Media Advisory N2003 - 10
Editorial Contact: Journalists wishing to attend should contact Monique Perrot-Lanaud, Bureau of Public Information, Editorial Section. Phone: +33 (0)1 45 68 17 14
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Publication Date 07 Feb 2003
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