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7, Place de Fontenoy
75352 PARIS 07 SP, France


Nurturing the democratic debate.  
This event is organized by the Israeli delegation to UNESCO and the Consistory of Paris to better inform the public about Masada and the Old City of Acre, the first two Israeli sites to be inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2001.
A documentary will be shown and a talk given by Mireille Hadas-Lebel, professor of the history of religion at the University of Paris IV (Sorbonne) to present the natural fortress of Masada, built in classic early Roman Empire style by Herod the Great, king of Judea (37-4 BC), on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Dead Sea. A second documentary, about Acre, will be followed by a talk by Jacques Neguer, chief curator of the art section of the Israel Antiquities Authority. Acre's remains (above and below ground) are largely intact and give a clear idea of the layout and structures of the capital of the medieval Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem (1104-1291).

UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura, World Heritage Centre Director Francesco Bandarin, Israeli Ambassador Yitzhak Eldan and the president of the Paris Consistory, Moïse Cohen, will introduce the evening, which will be chaired by Michèle Rotman, head of the Consistory's cultural and artistic heritage committee. Gilles Taiëb, head of the Consistory's Israel committee, and Roby Harly, director of the Israeli National Tourist Office, will speak at the end of the meeting.


Start Date 23-10-2002 10:00 pm - 18:00
Event Location Room XI, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris


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