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Home > Educating for a sustainable future: action, commitments and partnerships - Updated: 09-01-2003 6:36 pm
Parallel Event to the World Summit on Sustainable Development Organized by UNESCO and the South African Ministry of Education  


Monday, 2 September as from 14:00 ; full day Tuesday, 3 September

Summer Place, (located in Zone 1)

1. To take up education at all levels and in all its forms as indispensable for achieving sustainable development
2. To draw political attention at the highest levels to the vital role of education in building a sustainable future
3.To provide an opportunity for those interested in education at the Summit to come together to pave the way for future action, including the WSSD Plan of Implementation
4. To emphasize partnerships and commitments to future action, consistent with the purpose of the Summit

High level governmental participation
The presence of several Heads of State and Government is planned.

Government delegations, UN bodies, all those with access to Zone 1 and NGOs

Civil society involvement
Organized in cooperation with the NGO UNESCO Liaison Committee, which groups 350 professional NGOs competent in the fields of education, science, culture, and communication and accredited to UNESCO. Open to all NGOs with access to Zone 1.

Involvement of business and industry
The presence of a CEO of a multinational company is anticipated.

Launching of new initiatives
  • South African version of UNESCO’s multimedia teacher education programme “Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future” (2 September)
  • UNESCO/EI Dissemination Toolkit for UNESCO’s multimedia teacher education programme “Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future” (3 September)
  • Type 2 partnerships:·
    - FAO/UNESCO EFA Flagship Programme on Education for Rural People(3 September)
    - Using social marketing to address the challenge of communicating the message of sustainability to a mass audience (2 September)·
    - Reorienting higher education towards sustainability (3 September)


    Start Date 01-09-2002 10:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    End Date 02-09-2002 10:00 pm -
    Event Location Summer Place, (located in Zone 1) - Johannesburg
    Document 1 draft_programme.doc

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