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A number of documents, position papers and a resolution of the UNESCO General Conference (see Publications in Resources - right column) provide background and context for UNESCO’s contributions to the Johannesburg Summit.  

Report to the UNESCO Executive Board (May 2002) - by UNESCO
In Document 164 EX/45 (dated 3 May 2002), the Director-General summarizes the preparatory process and expected outcomes of the World Summit. More

UNESCO Position Paper and Proposals to WSSD PrepCom 3 (March 2002) - by UNESCO
‘Enhancing Global Sustainability’, the title of a UNESCO position paper and proposals prepared for and widely distributed at the third session of the Preparatory Committee for the World Summit (New York, 25 March-5 April 2002) More

Director General Address to Permanent Delegates (7 March 2002) - by UNESCO Director General
Address on ‘UNESCO preparations for and contribution to the World Summit on Sustainable Development’. More

Director General Note on Co-ordination of Preparatory Activities for the World Summit (January 2002) - by UNESCO Director General
DG/Note/02/02 of 16 January 2002, indicating that interdisciplinarity and intersectoral co-operation should be the hallmarks of UNESCO’s preparations of, and follow-up to, the Summit, and creating an intersectoral task force for this purpose. More

General Conference Resolution 31 C/40 (November 2001) - by UNESCO
Resolution on ‘Sustainable Development and the Johannesburg Summit 2002’, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference at the thirty-first session on 2-3 November 2001. More

Agenda 21, Chapter 35 (Science for sustainable development) - by UN ECOSOC
‘Science for sustainable development ‘ is a chapter of Agenda 21 where UNESCO has acted as inter-agency task manager. More

Agenda 21, Chapter 36 (Education, public awareness and training) - by UN ECOSOC
Since the Rio Conference of 1992, UNESCO has acted as inter-agency task manager within the UN system for Chapter 36 of Agenda 21. In this function, reports on ‘Education, public awareness and training have been considered at various sessions of the Commission on Sustainable Development. More

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UNESCO Position Paper and Proposals to WSSD PrepCom 3 (March 2002)

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