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What are the conditions to fulfil to establish partnership?

What are the conditions to fulfil to establish partnership?

Consultative partnership

The non-governmental organization shall fulfil the following conditions:
1. it shall be engaged in activities in one or more specific fields of UNESCO’s competence, and it shall be able and willing to make an effective contribution to framing UNESCO’s objectives and/or to implementing its programmes, in conformity with the principles proclaimed in UNESCO’s Constitution;
2. it shall be effectively engaged in activities in a spirit of cooperation, tolerance and solidarity, in the interests of humankind and with respect for cultural identities;
3. it shall have a recognized legal status;
4. it shall have an established headquarters and be governed by democratically adopted statutes stipulating, in particular, that its general policy is determined by a conference, assembly or other representative body that functions democratically; those statutes shall also stipulate that it shall have a permanent, representative and regularly renewed governing body, representatives who are duly elected by the main body of the organization, and basic resources deriving chiefly from members’ contributions, its activities and gifts or bequests, that enable it to function;
5. it shall have been in existence and have been carrying out activities for at least two years at the time it requests the establishment of a partnership.

Associate partnership

In addition to fulfilling the conditions defined above for the consultation partnership, the non-governmental organization shall also:
1. being a non-governmental international or regional organization;
2. have proven competence in an important field of education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture, or communication and information, and have a record of regular major contributions to framing UNESCO’s objectives and implementing its programmes;
3. have maintained a continuous and effective partnership (consultative status) for at least two years.

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