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Workshop on UNESCO OER Platform to discuss metadata for journalism education curricula, Johannesburg (South Africa), 18 April 2011

UNESCO is developing a new, innovative OER Platform which will offer selected UNESCO publications as OERs and allow communities of practice including teachers, learners, and education professionals to freely copy, adapt, and share their resources.

OER Platform.png The Johannesburg Centre for software Engineering (JCSE) at Wits University (South Africa) is in the process of developing the UNESCO OER platform and is currently working on detailed requirement specifications for the OER platform. These requirement specifications will be tested and evaluated by journalism educators, including academic staff at the Wits University School of Journalism and at other universities.

Metadata is one of the important requirements specifications for the OER platform and it is essential to ensure that the information model that underlies the functionality of the OER Platform both supports the pedagogic requirements of the users and that relevant international metadata standards (such as Dublin Core) are used. The purpose of the Workshop is as follows:

1. Using UNESCO’s Model Journalism Curriculum as an example, it will be reviewed section by section. Each section will be mapped onto the Dublin Core metadata model. This will determine if Dublin Core provides all required metadata elements to cover the Journalism Curriculum
2. Discuss if the Model Journalism Curriculum covers all relevant information that may be required in other OER products to be stored on the Platform. Identify gaps and attempt to map these to Dublin Core.
3. If necessary discuss other relevant metadata models (such as IMS) to fill any gaps in Dublin Core coverage.

Participants to the workshop include the OER Development Team from Johannesburg Centre for software Engineering, an expert from the School of Education from Wits University and a representative from the UNESCO Office Windhoek.

The OER Platform is part of UNESCO’s strategy to foster universal access to information and knowledge and the development of info-structures. The Platform will feature UNESCO OER publications in OER format for Member State institutions to freely use and re-use. The Platform will pilot access to the UNESCO Model Curricula for Journalism Education. This model curriculum enable journalism education institutions to fulfill in the latest trends in journalism education, but serves also as a guideline for institutions to adapt the curriculum to their own environment.

Author(s) UNESCO Office Windhoek
Source UNESCO Office Windhoek
Website 1 (URL) UNESCO and Open Educational Resources
Editorial Contact: Jaco du Toit
- Email j.dutoit@unesco.org
Publication Date 13 Apr 2011
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