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The role of Multipurpose Access Centers in increasing awareness for protecting the rights of women and girls

Community media training at the Okangwati Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre, in Okangwati (Namibia) - 29 to 30 March 2010

UNESCO in partnership with MISA Namibia, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, the Regional Council of the Kunene Region and the Polytechnic of Namibia will host a two-day workshop at the Okangwati Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre, in Okangwati on 29 to 30 March 2010. The workshop will foscus on training 40 participants on organisational structures and strategies, participation of community stakeholders and users, ICTs and media literacy, as well as preparation of content for an operational strategy document, including a communication strategy for multi-purpose community access centres.

The activity takes place within the framework of UNESCO's contribution towards the promotion of community participation in sustainable development through community media, and the UN Gender and Development Programme entitled “Setting things right towards gender equality and equity” the awareness and capacity for protecting the rights of women and girls will be increased through community media.

The activity is a follow-up activity to the assessment of the status of community centers in Namibia which found that training, with an emphasis on women should be considered in the areas of Information and communication literacy and the overall operational management of such centers by the community for the community. The workshop will thus contribute towards the establisment of an operational strategy document to be shared with other Multi-Purpose Access Centers in Namibia.

Author(s) UNESCO Office in Windhoek
Source UNESCO Office in Windhoek
Website 1 (URL) Setting things right towards gender equality and equity in Namibia
Website 2 (URL) UNESCO and Community Multimedia Centers
Editorial Contact: Jaco du Toit
- Email j.dutoit@unesco.org
Publication Date 25 Mar 2010
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