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Statement by Irina Bokova, Director-General Elect of UNESCO

Statement by Irina Bokova, Director-General Elect of UNESCO
  • © UNESCO/M. Ravassard

The world mourns the loss of an eminent personality. For more than half a century, Claude Lévi-Strauss was part of our life, illuminating it with his constantly renewed intellectual quest, from his research among the Amazonian peoples to his reflections on the relationship between humankind and nature. He opened our minds and our hearts to others, making us share his deeply sensitive vision of the world. He was also clear sighted: the great scientist looked on with concern as globalization threatened cultures.

We have lost an immense intellectual and a great humanist to whom we owe a better and therefore more humble understanding of the world.

The best way for UNESCO to pay tribute to Claude Lévi-Strauss is to step up its efforts to preserve the diversity of cultures whose equal dignity was proved so conclusively in his interpretation of the world. To keep his memory alive, it behoves us to follow the trail of respect he blazed. Claude Lévi-Strauss showed us a way towards a more peaceful world.

Director-General Elect of UNESCO

  • 04-11-2009
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