UNESCO Partners Forum

From 05-10-2009 to 05-10-2009 (France) 

UNESCO Partners Forum

"UNESCO and its partners: multiple partnerships for a common ideal"

The purpose of the UNESCO Partners Forum is to bring together all the external actors who support and defend UNESCO's ideals. It is foreseen to form an integral part of the General Conference, in the same way as the Youth Forum, both being held consecutively before the opening of the session. It thus goes beyond the simple framework of the first International Forum of Civil Society held on the sidelines of the 34th session of the General Conference.

This Forum mainly intended to show the importance of these many different partners for UNESCO's viability, vitality and visibility at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Without these partners, UNESCO can do virtually nothing with regard to globalization and is in danger of becoming stale intellectually after more than 60 years of existence; with its partners, it can hope to do much more. Thus by going beyond the traditional intergovernmental cooperation framework, UNESCO sees new prospects opening up thanks to these various partners and will be able to count on new support for its action in its fields of competence in the service of humanity. Lastly, the opening up to new partners will make it possible to stimulate and enrich intellectual cooperation in the cause of peace, which remains UNESCO's ultimate goal.

  • Organizer: UNESCO, Sector for External Relations and Cooperation 
  • Start date (local time): 05-10-2009 8:00 am
  • End date (local time): 05-10-2009 5:30 pm
  • UNESCO Headquarters
    7 place de Fontenoy
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