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UNESCO Implementing Mauritius Strategy


 1.  Climate change
 2.  Natural disasters
 3.  Waste Management
 4.  Coastal & marine resources
 5.  Freshwater resources
 6.  Land resources
 7.  Energy resources
 8.  Tourism resources
 9.  Biodiversity resources
10. Transport & communication
11. Science & technology
12. Graduation from LDC status
13. Trade
14. Capacity building & ESD
15. Production & consumption
16. Enabling environments
17. Health
18. Knowledge management
19. Culture
20. Implementation
UNESCO at Mauritius '05
Contributions & events
From Barbados'94 to Mauritius'05
UNESCO involvement
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UNESCO Action to address climate change

An Intersectoral Platform created in January 2008 to coordinate and foster UNESCO’s activities on climate change.

The number of the initiatives related to climate change has already reached over 40 encompassing UNESCO wide spectrum (Education, Natural Sciences, Culture, Social Sciences, Communication and Information). As a tangible product of the platform action, a strategy and an integrated approach for UNESCO on the issue of global climate change have been defined to position the Organization so that it can continue to make a tangible contribution in the years to come, especially in the context of joint action by the UN system.

For additional information on the platform and its action, go to the dedicated website: http://www.unesco.org/en/climatechange






Climate change and sea-level rise

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