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What is Sustainable Development?

Background & Preparations
UNESCO at Johannesburg
Alliances & Partnerships

UNESCO's Priorities
Educating for Sustainability
Scientific Dimensions
Ethical Principles
Cultural Dimensions
Media and ICTs

Some Action Themes
Biological Diversity
Fresh Water
Local and indigenous knowledge



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Home > Easy Guide to Undertake Socio-Cultural Research - Updated: 08-01-2003 1:58 pm
01-01-2001 12:00 am The scope of this guide is limited to first time users in action-oriented participatory research. It provides the basic important concepts and tools for data collection and analysis for new and ongoing projects.  
easy120.gif In this way, each step of the programme implementation can be based on the findings and results of preceding steps, allowing programmes and projects to remain socio-culturally sensitive, flexible and progressively oriented and adjusted to local conditions.

Author(s) UNESCO
Publication Year 01-01-2001 12:00 am


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