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Home > Youth Xchange - Updated: 09-01-2003 3:38 pm
01-01-2001 12:00 am This guide and website have been designed to serve as a tool kit to help trainers involve the largest possible number of young people in sustainable consumption efforts.  
Youthxguide100.jpg It is addressed to youth groups, NGOs and teachers to assist them in raising awareness of sustainable consumption and help them empower youth to put theory into practice and thus make more responsible purchasing decisions.
The guide presents "YouthXchange" to its potential audience and provides "Directions for Use" for the website. It provides orientations in respect of sustainable consumption and lifestyle (economic, ethical and environmental aspects) and shows how they interrelate. It also provides an analysis of human rights and responsibilities in this respect, encouraging youth to participate in society and in the creation of a better future.

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Author(s) UNESCO
Publication Year 01-01-2001 12:00 am
youth; consumer education; environmental awareness


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