Director-General launches 5 UNESCO Country Progamming Documents (UCPDs)

Director-General launches 5 UNESCO Country Progamming Documents (UCPDs)
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On 25 October 2007, on the margins of the 34th session of UNESCO’s General Conference, the Director-General, Mr Koďchiro Matsuura, launched 5 UNESCO Country Progamming Documents (UCPDs) for Cameroon, Indonesia, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

These are the first products of this new tool designed to capture UNESCO’s activities in a particular country in a comprehensive manner and in conformity with the ‘Delivering as One’ approach.

“UCPD is a major initiative taken by UNESCO, constituting an important tool that provides the possibility for cooperation and joint programming with other United Nations entities within the on-going UN country-level reform,” stated the Director-General.

Mr Matsuura further underscored that “ultimately, UCPDs are expected to enhance the efficiency of UNESCO’s contribution to national development and to allow donors to identify which area of the UNESCO programme they wish to contribute to, so that the extra budgetary programme fully corresponds with both national needs and the priorities of the Organization.”

The Director-General went on to explain that the UCPDs: provide a situation analysis through an overview of pertinent developments relevant to UNESCO’s areas of competence; capture all of UNESCO’s on-going activities in, and related to, the country; describe on-going cooperation with other UN agencies and external partners and donors giving cross references to national planning instruments and UNDAFs; and identify components and deliverables for inclusion in current or future UN common country programming exercises.

In conclusion, Mr Matsuura strongly encouraged all other UNESCO Offices to “rapidly embark on the development of UCPDs” for the countries under their coverage. “The UCPDs are a means to facilitate coherency in programming, implementation and funding, and as such, help strengthen UNESCO’s contribution to ‘Delivering as One’,” he added.

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  • Source:Flash Info N° 159-2007
  • 26-10-2007
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