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President Crvenkovski visits UNESCO

On 22 October 2007, Mr Koďchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, and Mr George N. Anastassopoulos, President of the General Conference, received H.E. Mr Branko Crvenkovski, President of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, at UNESCO.

The President came to address the 34th session of UNESCO’s General Conference.

In his speech at the plenary, President Crvenkovski expressed his satisfaction at being the first President of his country to address UNESCO’s General Conference, highlighting the important role of the Organization in building capacities in the fields of education, sciences and culture.

Speaking about the priority of achieving the Education for All goals, the President called on Member States for immediate action. “Only through the commitment and effective action of all Member States will we realize our objective: Education for All by 2015”, stated the President.

Highlighting the importance of UNESCO as a platform for fostering dialogue and cooperation among countries, President Crvenkovski reiterated his country’s commitment to the series of meetings organized under the auspices of UNESCO in South-East Europe to foster regional cooperation, in particular in the field of culture.

Referring to the establishment of a South-East European Centre for Digitization of Cultural Heritage in Skopje, the President felt that the Centre would be a valuable means of connecting history and culture with modern challenges, such as bridging the digital divide. The President also announced his country’s intention to establish a Category II Centre for Education and Research in the area of Water Resources.

In closing, the President declared that “there is no alternative to the close cooperation among states and peoples to achieve the ideals of the Organization” and reiterated his country’s commitment to these ideals.

During the ensuing luncheon, the Director-General expressed his appreciation for the suggestions put forward by the President in his intervention at the plenary. Mr Matsuura also mentioned the holding of the next South-East European Heads of State Summit in Athens in June 2008 at the invitation of President Papoulias. President Crvenkovski confirmed his participation in the Athens Summit.

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Author(s): Office of the Spokeswoman - Source: Flash Info N° 148-2007 -  Publication Date: 23-10-2007

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