On the Ground: Improving Gender Equality

Women speak out on what UNESCO could do

On the Ground: Improving Gender Equality
  • © UNESCO/Jean O’Sullivan
  • Women from the Dominican Republic, Romania and Malawi at the Gender Equality presentation.

It was no surprise to find a majority of women at the presentation on “Priority Gender Equality - 2008-2013” on 17 October. After the meeting, some of them shared their thoughts on what UNESCO could do to improve gender equality in its programmes. All stressed the importance of education.

“UNESCO should invest more in the development of projects for education of women and girls. It should especially focus on literacy and non-formal education for women.”
Maria Mercedes Brito, Dominican Republic

“UNESCO should support the education of the girl child, especially in Africa. It should particularly address the schooling of teenage mothers whose education is neglected after they have their babies. Boarding schools for girls should be built in rural areas which have no infrastructure.”
Olive Masanza, Malawi

“UNESCO should support women and their children in a changing society. Science and politics are other areas where UNESCO could intervene on behalf of women. For example, only 22 per cent of deputies and senators in my country are women.”
Crina Bocsan-Decusara, Romania

  • 18-10-2007
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