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Since the Earth Summit, sustainable development has been a key theme as a series of United Nations conferences discussing pathways to development.  

These conferences have shown that the interdependent links between environment and development are not simply about conservation and economics, but also include a concern for issues such as human rights, population, housing, food security, and gender that are important parts of sustainable human development.
This has involved conferences on:

  • Human Rights - World Conference on Human Rights - Vienna, Austria, 1993
  • Population - International Conference on
  • Population and Development - Cairo, Egypt, 1994
  • Social Development - World Summit for Social Development - Copenhagen, Denmark, 1995
  • Women - Fourth World Conference on Women - Beijing, People's Republic of China, 1995
  • Housing and Settlements - Second United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) – Istanbul, Turkey, 1996
  • Food Security - World Food Summit - Rome, Italy 1996

    Action on these quality of life issues has been reviewed in a series of follow-up conferences.
  • Environment and Development - Rio+5, 1997 and World Conference on Sustainable Development - Johannesburg, 2002
  • Human Rights - Vienna+5, 1998
  • Population - Cairo+5, 1999
  • Social Development - Copenhagen+5, 2000
  • Women - Beijing+5, 2000
  • Housing and Settlements - Istanbul+5, 2001
  • Food Security - Rome+5, 2001

    These conferences provided an opportunity for the international community to start talking about a Comprehensive Development Framework and, eventually, to agree on a set of international development goals. These take a holistic approach to development in which there is a balance between all dimensions of development - social,
    economic, political and ecological.

    To visit the websites of these conferences.


    Author(s) UNESCO
    Periodical Name Extracts of "Teaching and learning for a sustainable future – A multimedia teacher education programme"
    Publication date 01/06/2002


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