Governing Board of the UNESCO Institute of Statistics (UIS)

    OriginIn 1999, at its 30th session, the General Conference approved the creation of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) (30 C/Res. 43).
    Mission of the Institute- To provide statistical information on education, science, culture and communication which helps decision-making in Member States;

    - to foster the development of international statistics;

    - to arrange for the collection, production, analysis and timely dissemination of policy-relevant statistics, indicators and related documentation;

    - to support the development of the statistical and analytical capacities of Member States;

    - to provide analysis services taking into account the needs of the Member States.
    Mandate of the Board- To approve the general policy and the nature of the Institute’s activities;

    - to set guidelines for the development of the programme, including an indication of the overall budget and of the balance of priorities;

    - to examine the annual and other reports on the activities and yearly expenditures of the UIS.
    CompositionThe Governing Board consists of 12 Members elected for a term of 4 years and sitting in a personal capacity, and not eligible for re-election for a second consecutive term. The General Conference elects 6 Members (half of whom – 3 members – are replaced at each session), the other 6 being designated by the Director-General.

    Members elected at the 33rd session:
    - (Morocco) Mr Ahmed Gouitaa
    - (Uganda) Mr John Baptist Male-Mukasa
    - (Germany) Mr Michael Söndermann

    They will join the Experts elected at the 32nd session:
    - (Viet Nam) Mr Lê Manh Hung*
    - (Czech Republic) Mr Jaroslav Novák*
    - (El Salvador) Mr Edmundo Salas*

    Members designated by the Director-General:
    - (France) Mr Jean-Louis Sarbib*
    - (Finland) Ms Heli Jeskanen-Sundström*
    - (United States of America) Mr Grover Whitehurst*
    - (Japan) Mr Masayuki Inoue
    - (Canada) Mr Yvon Fortin
    - (Turkey) Mr Orhan Güvenen

    The Members indicated by an asterisk serve until 31 December 2007, the others will serve until 31 December
    - Mr Jean-Louis SARBIB (France),
    elected by the Board for a 2-year term of office, from among its members.
    Meetings foreseen during the bienniumOnce a year, in ordinary session, plus mid-term meetings of a Policy and Planning Committee.

    8th session of the Governing Board: 8-10 November 2006.
    Sector/Division responsibleUNESCO Institute for Statistics (Montreal, Canada)
    UIS websitehttp://www.uis.unesco.org/


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