34th Session of the General Conference: International Forum of Civil Society - 25 October 2007

From 25-10-2007 to 25-10-2007 (France) 

34th Session of the General Conference: International Forum of Civil Society - 25 October 2007

Given the central and ever-increasing role of UNESCO’s different partners, notably Civil Society actors, in the preparation and implementation of its programmes, the Sector for External Relations and Cooperation organized, for the first time, during the 34th Session of the General Conference, an International Forum of Civil Society, held on Thursday 25 October 2007.

On the occasion of this Forum, opened by the Director-General of UNESCO and the President of the Committee on NGOs of the Executive Board, H. Exc. Mr A. Lakatos, several panellists, representing all of the Organization’s partners, presented, during the morning session, their views on the theme 'Citizens and Global Governance – Acting Together', and during the afternoon session, concrete examples of 'Manifold Partnerships to achieve UNESCO’s objectives'.

The different panellists thus represented, at the international and national levels, Non-Governmental Organizations; UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations; Parliamentarians; Local Authorities; the Private Sector and National Commissions for UNESCO. Their presence illustrated the will of the Organization to further associate Civil Society and its representatives to the attainment of its objectives and to create a real “culture of partnership”.

After the presentations by the different panellists during the two thematic sessions, UNESCO’s partners assisting and participating in this Forum had the possibility to debate on the questions raised at this occasion.

Finally, a Declaration was adopted before the conclusion of the Forum (see below).

For more information, you can see the two sessions of the Forum, by clicking on the following links for the morning session and for the afternoon session.

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