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De Groof Jan

De Groof Jan
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Professor Jan De Groof comes from the ranks of legal experts with a specialisation in the educational field. As Professor of Education Law and Comparative Education Law with the College of Europe (Bruges) and the University of Tilburg, he is most amenable to academic analysis, which he combines with knowledge from an implementation point of view, as he has considerable high-level experience of the everyday application of Constitutional, Public and Administrative Law in the educational field as governmental commissioner of the universities for the Flemish Community (Belgium). Jan De Groof has also worked as a consultant to the OECD, EU, OSCE High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNESCO, and many other inter-governmental, governmental and non-governmental instances and organizations, and is President of the European Association for Education Law and Policy. He is UNESCO Chargé de Mission for the Right to Education.

36th session - 13 September 2007
How to make education fairer?
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