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Home > Environment and Society: Education and Public Awareness for Sustainability - Updated: 09-08-2002 1:42 pm
01-01-1998 12:00 am Proceedings of the Thessaloniki International Conference held in December 1997.  
envandsociety120.gif Like all Proceedings this is basically a reference book, which cannot record all the deliberations that took place and does not attempt to transmit to the reader the prevailing atmosphere during the meeting. The latter will be better achieved through theaccompanying CD-ROM which also contains the background document prepared by UNESCO for the meeting, papers on the concepts of sustainability and sustainable development in education, on the evaluation and messages of environmental education and on a number of ethical and methodological questions. The publication contains a thesaurus of experience gained through various projects and processes in different countries, at different levels, with a vast variety of methods and means, addressing different audiences.

Educating for sustainability
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Document Type Proceedings
Status Published Document
Author(s) UNESCO / Government of Greece
Publisher UNESCO
Publication Location Paris
Publication Year 01-01-1998 12:00 am
Number of Pages 862 p.
Main descriptors: environmental education; environmental awareness; educational objectives; sustainable development; interdisciplinary research


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