Women in science: Under-represented and under-measured

The latest issue of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) Bulletin on Science and Technology Statistics analyses women's participation in the research profession and different stages of higher education.
Of the 89 countries with available data, women represent less than 30% of scientific researchers around the world, according to the bulletin. Yet there is considerable variation among regions.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, women account for 46% of the reported number of researchers. In contrast, the share falls to 15% in Asia and about 30% in Africa as well as Western and Central Europe.

The bulletin explores the dynamics behind these trends by tracking women’s participation in higher education programmes, as well as gender gaps in university fields of study. The analysis clearly shows the divergent paths women and men take towards careers in research.

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Publication Date 01-12-2006 5:00 am
Publication Date 01-12-2006 5:00 am
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