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© UNESCO/Niamh Burke
Students in an Ethiopian School, 2005

Week 49: 14/08-20/08 2006

Young people (those aged 15-24) account for nearly 20% of the world’s population. UNESCO was a pioneer in international efforts to enlist young volunteers for the reconstruction of post-war Europe. Today, the Organization remains committed to the adults of the future. More


Week 41: 19/06-25/06 2006

The United Nations aims to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war and to enable every child, woman and man to live in dignity and freedom. The international civil service bears responsibility for translating these ideals into reality. 

©UNESCO/Roger, Dominique
Pupils looking at globe in geography class

Week 37: 22/05-28/05 2006

Since the 1960s and the massive influx of new African states into the Organization, UNESCO has woven a solid partnership with Africa. More

© UNESCO / Anne Périé
Children demonstrate for education in Cuzco, Peru.

Week 33: 24/04-30/04 2006

Civil society actors play an important role in social, economic and cultural spheres. Since its creation, UNESCO has worked closely with these partners. More

©UNESCO/D. Roger
UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

Week 11: 14/11-20/11 2005

UNESCO commemorates the sixtieth anniversary of the adoption of its Constitution with a series of events taking place this week at its Headquarters in Paris. More

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