UNESCO celebrates the year of Senghor: Preview of the movie “Un chant nègre, Léopold Senghor”

In 2006, UNESCO associated itself at various occasions, to events organized for the centennial anniversary of Léopold Sédar Senghor’s birth.

UNESCO paid tribute to Senghor’s life and work on 21 March, the World Day of Poetry during the 19 September celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the first International Congress of Black Writers and Artists, which took place at the Sorbonne in 1956, as well as last 20 October with the presentation of Jean-Denis Bonan’s documentary Un chant nègre at a preview screening at UNESCO.

While opening the evening of 20 October, UNESCO’s Director General, Koïchiro Matsuura, paid a particular tribute to the man who established himself as “the author of the negritude where the black human being is also a vital force of tension and rhythm.” On this occasion, Mr Matsuura was delighted to present a screening preview, of the movie by Jean-Denis Bonan taking an “intimate interpretative view on the personality of a man who was, all in one, a first rank politician and a poet, to whom poetry was action.”

“As a man of roots and a history researcher, Léopold Sédar Senghor, largely contributed to the dialogue between cultures and peoples through his immense literary and militant works,” declared the Director General, who also underlined that “UNESCO, having placed the promotion of cultural diversity and its outcomes at the heart of its programme, as well as the dialogue in favour of mutual comprehension among peoples, was particularly proud to be associated with the events organised throughout 2006, the year dedicated to Senghor.”

Mr Matsuura also announced, during this event, the publication of the book “Mémoire Senghor.” This anthology, combining 50 articles from authors who celebrated centennial anniversary of his birth, is the special tribute that UNESCO wished to give to the illustrious poet.

  • Author(s):La Porte-parole
  • Source:Flash info n°167-2006
  • 25-10-2006
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