Meeting between the Director-General and Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler

On 29 September 2006, Koïchiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, met with Dr Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler, to review their cooperation in the context of the joint Mondialogo Initiative and to assess its impact.

Mondialogo is a public-private partnership launched by UNESCO and DaimlerChrysler in 2003 dedicated to the promotion of intercultural dialogue, exchange and understanding among young people around the world. The Partnership comprises three action-oriented pillars: a school contest for 14-18 year-old students; an engineering award for teams of young engineering students and engineers focusing on poverty reduction and sustainable development; and an interactive internet portal (www.mondialogo.org).

Mr Matsuura and Dr Zetsche expressed their great satisfaction with the positive results and impact of the past three years of cooperation thus far. Indeed, the Director-General felt Mondialogo had become one of UNESCO’s most successful public-private partnerships to be dedicated to the noble causes of “building the defences of peace in the minds of men” and “learning to live together” in a globalizing world. Both the Director-General and the Chairman of the Board of Management of DaimlerChrysler underscored the positive synergies arising from the mutual engagement of their two organizations, drawing on their respective competencies, resources and networks, and building in the process an effective and trusted partnership between a leading private sector organization and a worldwide recognized and universal organization of the United Nations system.

Mr Matsuura and Dr Zetsche expressed their particular satisfaction with the overwhelming response to the current second round of the Mondialogo School Contest, which has mobilized 2,600 student teams from 137 countries around dialogue-related projects, thus making it the largest international school contest in the world. Both were looking forward to the Mondialogo symposium from 4 to 7 November 2006 in Rome, at which the winners of the contest, chosen by an international jury, would be presented.

Given the past successful cooperation, Dr Zetsche announced to the Director-General the decision of DaimlerChrsyler to extend its participation in and support for Mondialogo for another three years. This will allow for the organization of the second and third editions of the Mondialogo Engineering Award and the third edition of the Mondialogo School Contest.

  • Author(s):Office of the Spokesperson
  • Source:Flash info n°148-2006
  • 02-10-2006
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