Results from World Education Indicators (WEI) programme

Malaysia and Tunisia devote substantially greater shares of their national wealth to education than almost every country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to a new report by the UNESCO Institute for Statistics.
Entitled Education Counts – Benchmarking Progress in 19 WEI Countries, the report marks the first in a new series about the World Education Indicators (WEI) programme. It presents data for the school year ending in 2004 on educational attainment, finance, participation, as well as teachers and the learning environment for 63 countries which comprise 72% of the world’s population.

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Report in English; Highlights from the report in English and Spanish; Data tables in EXCEL; and more.
Publication Date 21-09-2006 4:30 pm
Source UIS
Publication Date 21-09-2006 4:30 pm
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