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Dialogue among Civilizations - Proceedings of the High-Level Conference "Eurasia in the XXIst Century: Dialogue of Cultures, or Conflict of Civilizations?", Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan, 10 and 11 June 2004
For centuries, Eurasia has been at the crossroads of continents, philosophies, ideologies, trade routes and geopolitical and strategic processes and interests. It has become home for diverse cultures, providing an environment within which the rich experience, aspirations and customs of nations can be effectively shared.
Under conditions of globalization, major developments in Eurasian life and culture have acquired an international dimension. Indisputably, globalization begets dialogue and international cooperation.
By moving toward mutual trust, dialogue, social harmony and peace, the states of the region can embark on a most promising journey together.

Today a multi-level and multi-pronged dialogue must be initiated and fostered both among and within civilizations with a view to developing the foundations for a peaceful and prosperous life of future generations. A major line of dialogue should aim at a synthesis between the values of rights, democracy and autonomy on the one hand and those of responsibilities, community and social order on the other hand.

Dialogue must focus on the centrality of shared values, which confer meaning to life and provide form and substance to human identities.

Dialogue must be built in the present to bear its true fruits in the future.

Document Type Proceedings
Format application/pdf
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Author(s) UNESCO/BSP
Publisher UNESCO/BSP
Publication Location Paris
Publication Year 2006
Number of Pages 369 p.
Editor(s) FW (Russ) Russell
Series Title Dialogue among Civilizations





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