UNESCO DigiArts launches Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit

UNESCO's Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit has just been published and is now available online. It enables young people to using ICT creatively to address global challenges of development, cultural diversity and inter-cultural dialogue.
The Kit is designed to help teachers and educators working in schools, youth clubs, community centres, and training institutes generate and manage project-based learning activities through creative digital practises and collaborative web applications.

The first part of the Kit explains some basic concepts of the Young Digital Creators teaching model. The second part introduces a detailed lesson plan with a number of learning activities that are expected to be implemented sequentially. It also includes a Glossary with a set of definitions and a CD-ROM containing Free and Open/Source Software that can be used for creative projects.

The kit was prepared within the framework of UNESCO DigiArts/Young Digital Creators (YDC) initiative. YDC is a web-based programme designed for young people of different cultures to gradually construct, through a collaborative process and creative tools, a deeper understanding of each other's cultural values and shared perspectives on global issues of our time.

Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit

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Photo: UNESCO/Anna Salmi
Publication Date 26-07-2006 8:00 am
Publication Date 26-07-2006 8:00 am
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