Promoting a regional network of local sustainable development experiences in South-Eastern Europe

Fifty participants from various European countries are biking the Western Balkans from 24th June to 15th July 2006 in order to promote local sustainable development.

They will stop at ten different natural and cultural sites in order to:

  • discover unique environmental situations,
  • discuss issues related to the sustainability of local territorial dynamics with stakeholders, and
  • demonstrate concrete solidarity and openness to cultural diversity and local traditions and practices.

    Most of the chosen sites are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and Man and Biosphere (MAB) Reserves networks, but also connected to initiatives promoted by UNESCO's major partners in this project (UNDP, Council of Europe, IUCN and WWF).

    A bicycle was chosen as the most appropriate means of transport, a symbol of a sustainable method of transportation for territorial exploration.

    Biking the Balkans is organized and promoted by UNESCO BRESCE. It intends to emphasize the idea of sustainable development as a result of interactions between local initiatives and their global networking. At every site on the route there will be an opportunity to debate issues that are of relevance to UNESCO’s involvement in South East Europe in the future.

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    UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe

    Photo: © UNESCO BRESCE
  • Publication Date 24-07-2006 1:00 pm
    Publication Date 24-07-2006 1:00 pm
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