Seal of Excellence in Handicrafts

Applications are now welcome for the 2006 Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts in Asia.

The Seal of Excellence (known as SEAL) recognizes handicrafts products that are culturally authentic and have been manufactured in a socially-responsible manner with respect for the environment.
“Each craft is reviewed according to excellence, authenticity, innovation, eco-friendliness, marketability and social responsibility," says Richard Engelhardt of UNESCO Bangkok. “These standards ensure the highest level of craft excellence and distinguish a product as a benchmark for craft production.”

A panel of judges and experts in design and handicraft production will meet in September to review submissions across a variety of craft categories, including:

  • jewelry and musical instruments,
  • household decorations, and
  • toys and games.

    Craftspeople awarded with the SEAL will be presented with certificates in October and gain access to e-commerce websites, as well as support and advice from UNESCO and AHPADA on promotional opportunities including national and international trade fairs and registering their products under intellectual property rights regimes.

    SEAL originated in Southeast Asia as a partnership between the ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA) and UNESCO.

    Regulations and Requirements

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    2006 SEAL Schedule
  • Publication Date 07-07-2006 3:00 pm
    Source UNESCO Bangkok
    Publication Date 07-07-2006 3:00 pm
    Europe and North America Latin America and the Caribbean Africa Arab States Asia Pacific