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UNESCO Implementing Mauritius Strategy


 1.  Climate change
 2.  Natural disasters
 3.  Waste Management
 4.  Coastal & marine resources
 5.  Freshwater resources
 6.  Land resources
 7.  Energy resources
 8.  Tourism resources
 9.  Biodiversity resources
10. Transport & communication
11. Science & technology
12. Graduation from LDC status
13. Trade
14. Capacity building & ESD
15. Production & consumption
16. Enabling environments
17. Health
18. Knowledge management
19. Culture
20. Implementation
UNESCO at Mauritius '05
Contributions & events
From Barbados'94 to Mauritius'05
UNESCO involvement
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UNESCO Focal Points for 'Knowledge Management and Information for Decision-Making' in SIDS Regions

AIMS region (Atlantic Ocean/Indian Ocean/Mediterranian Sea/South China Sea)
  • For Bahrain: I. Alzubaidi, UNESCO Office in Doha, Qatar. (I.alzubaidi@unesco.org)
  • For Cape Verde: Jeanne Seck, UNESCO Office in Dakar, Senegal. (j.seck@unesco.org)
  • For Comoros, Mauritius, Seychelles: Cheikh Tidiane Sy, UNESCO Office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. (c.sy@unesco.org)
  • For Cyprus and Malta: Michael Millward, UNESCO Office in Venice, Italy. (m.millward@unesco.org)
  • For Maldives: Jocelyne Josiah, UNESCO Office in New Delhi, India. (j.josiah@unesco.org)
  • For Timor Leste and Singapore: Arya Gunawan, UNESCO Office in Jakarta, Indonesia. a. (gunawan@unesco.org)
  • For Sao Tomé & Principe: Tassew Tesfaye, UNESCO Office in Libreville, Gabon. (t.tesfaye@unesco.org)

Caribbean region
  • For Aruba, Cuba and Dominican Republic: Isabel Viera, UNESCO Office in Havana and Regional Bureau for Culture, Cuba. (i.viera@unesco.org)
  • For Caribbean island nations (English-speaking): Alton Grizzle, UNESCO Office in Kingston, Jamaica. (a.grizzle@unesco.org)
  • For Haiti: Jorge Espinal, UNESCO Office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (J.espinal@unesco.org)

Pacific region
  • For all Pacific island nations: Abel Caine, UNESCO Office in Apia, Samoa. (Abel@unesco.org.ws)






Knowledge management and information for decision-making: UNESCO’s Role and Contribution (including activities since January 2005 and future activities)

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