Establishment of a UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development at the Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden

During a ceremony at UNESCO Headquarters on 15 June 2006, held in the presence of Ms Gun-Britt Andersson, Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Sweden to UNESCO, the Director-General and Ms Lena Gustafsson, first Vice-President of the Chalmers University of Technology signed an agreement to establish a UNESCO Chair in Education for Sustainable Development at the Chalmers University of Göteborg (Sweden).

The main aims of the UNESCO Chair – the second to be established in Sweden – are to integrate and implement national and regional policies and strategies for sustainable development through the University’s programmes and practices; to “promote a multidisciplinary approach to learning, research and training”; and, in collaboration with UNESCO Chairs and civil society in the North and the South, “to promote mutual understanding of the principles and values of sustainable development”.

Mr Matsuura hailed this initiative as bringing an “innovative approach to research and teaching in the area of sustainable development”. On this occasion, the Director-General recalled the specific role UNESCO is playing as the lead agency for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development within the UN system.

Ms Gustafsson expressed her appreciation regarding the establishment of the new Chair, which will provide an opportunity for Sweden to benefit from UNESCO’s expertise and experience in the field of sustainable development as well as those of other Member States through interactions with other Chairs established within the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs network.

Mr John Holmberg, responsible for this UNESCO Chair, underlined the impact the Chair would have in promoting cooperation between Chalmers University and the international academic community. He underscored the importance that Sweden attached to the issue of sustainable development, to which it had been committed to and involved in the promotion of since the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.

Ambassador Andersson expressed her pride in attending this meeting, which gave her country an occasion to reaffirm its strong commitment to UNESCO.

  • Author(s):Office of the Spokeswoman
  • Source:Flash info n°092-2006
  • 15-06-2006
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