Second Meeting of the PRELAC Intergovernmental Committee

From 11-13 May, fifteen vice-ministers and 25 specialists from 27 Latin American countries and from Spain will meet in Santiago (Chile) to discuss curricular design and development in education policy.
The importance of the curriculum in reforms, the issue of curriculum design and the impact on student performance are part of the discussions that will take place in this meeting organized by UNESCO Santiago (Chile). Also participating in the event will be UNESCO Director General for Education, Peter Smith, and the Minister of Education of Chile, Martín Zilic.

Besides the discussion, on Thursday, May 11, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. a public conference in is planned entitled "Curricula Under Discussion". This will take place at the Centro Cultural España (Av. Providencia 927), with the participation of the Alejandro Tiana, Vice-Minister of Education of Spain and specialists Elena Martin and César Coll.

Among the themes to be tackled are: the importance of curricula in the reform process, the question of curricular design, and their impact on students’ results.

The discussions will take place within the context of the Second Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Regional Education Project for Latin America and the Caribbean (PRELAC) and will serve as a preparatory phase for the next meeting of ministers of education of Latin America and the Caribbean scheduled to take place next year in Argentina.

The seminar will begin with reflections on the three key aspects of curricular design: content selection, competencies, and the relations between curricula and standards. This will be followed by discussion on curriculum implementation processes in Latin American and the Caribbean.

The idea is to discuss the major strengths and weaknesses of curricular development and whether this is the sole factor responsible for the education problems faced by the region after more than a decade of reforms in this area.

UNESCO has selected four themes of particular concern in the region and which will be treated by panels: "Curricular Development in Latin America and the Caribbean", "Curricula, Standards, and Assessment of the Quality of Education", "Curricula and Teachers", and "Curricula and Attention to Diversity".
As a concluding event, on Saturday, May 13th there will be a workshop for curriculum specialists presented by Spanish specialists César Coll and Elena Martin.

The Second Meeting of the PRELAC Intergovernmental Committee is sponsored by the Agencia de Cooperación Española and The British Council.

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  • Publication Date 10-05-2006 10:00 am
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    Publication Date 10-05-2006 10:00 am
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