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Artists4Life Exhibition at Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild - Organized by Designing Hope and UNESCO

Artists4Life, an exhibition organized by the “Designing Hope” association and UNESCO will be inaugurated Tuesday, 2nd May, at 6:30 p.m. at the Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild – National Foundation for Graphics and the Visual Arts in Paris. An innovative example of the fight against the stigma and discrimination to which people living with HIV and AIDS are subjected, the Artists4Life project involves some 30 artists* of renown.

Sponsored by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Christina Owen-Jones, the exhibition is part of a wider campaign: “I Love You Positive or Negative”. The works, especially conceived for the project, were shown at the Paris International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, Artparis, from 16 to 20 March. They will later be exhibited at the second Women's Forum, in Deauville, France, in October 2006, as well as in several cities in Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Reproductions of the works will be exhibited in several hundred cultural centres and schools in sub-Saharan Africa. A educational guide book on the exhibition will help teachers and group leaders organizers initiate discussions around the issues of stigmatization and discrimination. Associations of sub-Saharan women living with HIV and AIDS will use the Artists4Life works as inspiration for tee-shirts, bags, posters and other products to be sold.

Profits from the sales will pay for the training of educators and councillors, as well as other awareness-raising, prevention and support projects aimed, in particular, at women and youth in southern Africa.

*Joël Andrianomearisoa, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Anne-Catherine Becker-Echivard, Ben, Samuel Bollendorff, Chantalpetit, Robert Combas, Henri Cueco, Nathalie Decoster, Richard Di Rosa, Guy Du Toit, Patricia Erbelding, Antoine Giacomoni, Elodie Lachaud, Nicolaas Maritz, Miss Tic, Ricardo Mosner, Malcome Payne, Alicia Paz, Jean-Marc De Pelsemaeker, Armin Pflanz, Christian Rouchouse, Antonio Segui, Yoyo Sorlin, Tony Soulié, Sue Williamson, Duncan Wylie, Yamada.

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